What Is Health Coaching?

Often, when meeting new people and they ask what I do for a living I always need to follow up with what health coaching is. The job title is quite ambiguous and what’s involved depends on the client and the setting, rather than the coach. 

In a nutshell a Corporate Health Coach is a professional who specialises in promoting health and well-being within a business setting.

Their primary role is to assist employees in adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, both in and outside the workplace improving long term health outcomes. They work closely with individuals or groups, providing personalised guidance, education, and support to help employees improve their overall well-being.

The specific responsibilities of a corporate health coach can vary depending on the organisation’s goals and programmes. However, duties may include:


Individual coaching sessions: The coach meets with employees one-on-one to provide personalised guidance and support, often as part of an employee assistance programme. They may discuss health goals, track progress, and offer strategies to overcome obstacles or make sustainable lifestyle changes.


Group workshops and educational sessions: Corporate health coaches can conduct group workshops or seminars on various health topics, such as nutrition, movement, and stress management. These sessions aim to educate and empower employees to make better lifestyle choices.


Promoting behaviour change: Coaches work closely with employees to help them set realistic goals, create action plans, and make positive behaviour changes. They may use motivational interviewing techniques and provide ongoing support and accountability to facilitate sustainable lifestyle improvements.


Collaborating with other stakeholders: Corporate health coaches often collaborate with human resources departments, wellness committees, and other professionals to integrate health and wellness initiatives into the overall corporate culture. They may also coordinate with healthcare providers or wellness vendors to provide additional resources or services.

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