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Modern life is demanding and so many of us are feeling run down; struggling with weight gain, quality sleep, poor digestion, anxiety, stress and fatigue.

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    There is no "one size fits all" solution

    When I start working with you I take a holistic approach, carrying out an in-depth consultation to understand you as an individual, helping you unearth your health and wellness goals.
    You will be empowered to make positive and sustainable changes, with tailored advice and support so you can be your best you, every day and for the rest of your life.
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    Benefits you'll really feel...


    Understand what your mind and body needs for you to feel energised, focused and function at your best. Giving you a new found confidence with food and incorporating great nutrition into your lifestyle.

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    Healthy ageing

    Become the best you of the future! Building your knowledge to make manageable changes that will help balance your hormones, protect you against premature ageing, chronic disease and dependence on medication.

    Weight management

    Achieve your weight and body composition goals. Establish a long term and sustainable approach that fits in with your lifestyle, where you can enjoy food that makes you feel good and not deprived.

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    Bring more movement into your life. Establishing an exercise routine that you enjoy which fits in with your schedule and works for your body, making you feel fantastic, not punished.


    Master simple stress management and relaxation techniques. Allowing you to manage symptoms of stress and anxiety, get great quality sleep and the balance back in your life.

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    Individualised one to one coaching

    Packages totally tailored to your needs, supporting you on your journey to becoming your Best You.

    I have a range of packages to suit you

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