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"With Lisa, we don't demonise any foods but just have things in moderation and find tasty alternatives"

I'm a very active person who trains most days. However, after a couple of years of injury setbacks following quite a significant knee injury, I eventually gained about a stone over my typical weight. I was frustrated when I'd finally returned to a normal running training pattern and was sustaining it, but really not losing any weight. Lisa helped me to look at my eating habits and uncover where I may have been going wrong and identified some simple strategies to put it right and ensure my energy needs were still being met. The great thing is that they were fairly simple adjustments that were sustainable. I've tried things like calorie counting before and it felt so restrictive and I'd never stick with it. Major overhauls like that were just never sustainable for me and I'd often end up binge eating off the back of it. With Lisa, we don't demonise any foods but just have things in moderation and find tasty alternatives. I used to enjoy a daily sugary treat, like a chocolate bar or a flapjack or brownie etc., but now I home-bake my own healthier versions of these treats based on recipes that Lisa has given me and to be honest, I rarely crave the shop bought treats anymore, but based on conversations with Lisa I don't feel bad about having that kind of things every now and again. It's little behavioural changes like that that Lisa has helped me with which I think have been really effective. I've since almost returned to my pre-injury weight and generally feel a lot healthier day to day. I still have some work to do and have had some minor relapses here and there but I just have to remember the small changes and habits I've been forming from Lisa's advice and I usually get back on track quite easily.

Lisa has also checked in on me fairly regularly to see how I'm getting on, which I think has been a nice touch and shows good aftercare. Thanks Lisa!

"Thanks to Lisa, I've not only reduced my bad cholesterol but also feel healthier, happier, and more energetic..."

I'm incredibly grateful for Lisa at Best You. Lisa has had a profound impact on my life in a relatively short time. I always thought I was eating healthily, but unknown to me, my cholesterol levels were skyrocketing. As an active person, dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, I thought I was making the right choices but it was Lisa who empowered me to make the right decisions about the way I live my life and what I eat. She guided me in unlearning bad processes and choices, allowing me to make informed decisions about my well-being.

What was truly helpful was the continued support from Lisa. Her motivation and wealth of information were instrumental in my journey to better health. Lisa's straight-talking and no-nonsense approach motivated me to want to stay on track. She provided easily absorbed hints and tips that I can carry for life. Thanks to Lisa, I've not only reduced my bad cholesterol but also feel healthier, happier, and more energetic; I'm full o' beans in more ways than one. My digestion, sleep, fitness, and overall well-being have plateaued at an amazing level; I'm no longer having the rush and slumps of energy. Thank you, Lisa, for making such a positive difference in my life!

"I'm so glad I met Lisa and I'm so grateful for her help..."

I’m so glad I met Lisa and I’m so grateful for her help, I already had a relatively healthy diet however I was still struggling with my energy levels and using sugary drinks and snacks as well as supplements to help me stay awake. However, Lisa spent time picking apart my diet and seeing what I was missing, she helped me add foods to my diet that contained the right vitamins as well as slow burning foods and I’ve already seen a difference in energy levels! I’ve gone to the doctors on multiple occasions and been given supplements that have only ever temporarily worked, however after a few lovely chats with Lisa I’ve seen a massive benefit to my lifestyle! Would differently recommend Lisa to anyone!

"I'd highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to break the yoyo dieting cycle and make a lasting healthy lifestyle change."

Working with Lisa has been a joy. I already knew a lot of the things I should be doing but I couldn’t seem to make anything stick and would constantly fall into bad habits. Taking the time to unpick those habits and understand them with Lisa’ patient, kind, and expert support has helped me to make small, healthy changes that have really had an impact. I’m now much more active, more energised, and I’ve lost a stone! I feel healthier now than I did in my twenties! I’d highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to break the yo-yo dieting cycle and make a lasting, healthy lifestyle change.

"Lisa worked closely with me to understand my lifestyle and the stresses and strains I have in my life. Then created strategies that slot easily into my day"

I started working with Lisa in 2022 as I was having trouble sleeping and my weight had increased. Lisa worked closely with me to understand my lifestyle and the stresses and strains that I have in my life. She created strategies for me to follow that slot easily into my day, as well as supplying fabulous recipes that are delicious and easy to make. I am sleeping nearly 8 hours a night now and have even started running which, for anyone who knows me, is something I am not usually associated with! I am hugely grateful for Lisa’s guidance and kindness. I feel that I am on the right lines to hitting my weight target. My general level of happiness is much better than it was before I started working with Lisa.

"Working with Lisa gave me a stronger ability to make positive changes to my diet and lifestyle"

Our health is our most important asset but getting motivated and forming new habits is a challenge. With Lisa’s advice and support I’ve made gradual, long term improvements and integrated better nutritional value into my diet without feeling deprived. Working with Lisa as a health coach gave me a stronger faith in my own ability to make positive changes to my diet and lifestyle, and more confidence in the kitchen. For anyone looking to improve their health habits then I recommend seeking Lisa’s advice and support. My new routine for both diet and exercise feels achievable and maintainable.

"A good mentor Lisa checks in regularly with ideas, recipes and podcast recommendations."

I have been feeling a bit bleurgh for the last couple of years; part spinal injury, part lockdown, part menopause. Lisa has encouraged and supported me to take small steps to improve all areas of my health without being evangelical. As a woman in her mid-fifties, losing a few pounds seems way harder than it did in my thirties and forties, and Lisa helped me come up with a plan that suits me and actually works without feeling deprived or restricting calories. I’m exercising more and have already seen an improvement in my weight, sleep and overall well-being. A good mentor she checks in on me regularly, and emails me with ideas, recipes and podcast recommendations. I’ll never be a straight A student or ‘Slimmer of the Month’ but with Lisa’s help things are definitely improving.

"My energy levels have improved and I feel great."

I’d always been pretty active but as my responsibilities at work and home increased I found that exercise and eating well had slipped down my list of priorities. I was apprehensive about returning to a fitness routine, not sure where I would find the time and having suffered with migraines triggered by exercise in the past. Lisa helped me improve my general nutrition and more specifically helped me with choosing the right foods for when I started training in the gym again. My energy levels have improved and I feel great.

"Lisa is very approachable, knowledgeable
and encouraging."

Lisa is very approachable, knowledgeable and encouraging. Through an in depth consultation she really helped me identify my health concerns, offered sound advice and tailored an achievable plan to help me reach my goals. Not only is my lifestyle and nutrition better but my sleep and digestion has improved considerably and I’ve also lost weight during the process. I will continue with the plan and would wholeheartedly recommend her health coaching to others.

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