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Before I qualified as a Health Coach and set up Best You Health I spent over 25 years working in a number of client-facing roles, eventually as a partner of a successful recruitment business. Though fast paced and challenging with long hours I loved working with a diverse range of people, getting to really understand and support them in reaching their career goals. 

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Whilst successful in my career, throughout my adult life quality sleep and maintaining a weight where I felt good evaded me. For many years life became a pattern of restrictive dieting in advance of holidays and special occasions only to find myself back to square one very quickly afterwards. Following an intensive exercise programme, injuries became more frequent. I’d dread both the weekly weigh-in with my personal trainer and the social events where there might not be “healthy” food and drink options. I experienced eczema, hives and breakouts, and as I struggled to identify a cause, more food I really enjoy  became “off limits”. 

I love eating out, travelling, cooking and entertaining and was compelled to learn more about managing my own symptoms rather than resorting to higher doses of antihistamines and steroids. My busy lifestyle was normalised and I felt successful juggling so much at work and home. I didn’t once consider that stress, poor sleep or gut health could be contributing to my symptoms.  What started as initial curiosity really sparked my interest, and I returned to education with CNM opening the door to a change in career. 

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So many of us in modern day life are battling with stress, weight management, poor sleep and low energy. Whilst we probably have some idea of what we need to do to make improvements there is so much information out there, it can  become overwhelming and  getting started is not always easy. 

Working with me as a health coach will help you reevaluate the way you look at your health, giving you the tools and support to be your best you every day and  for the future. It has become the norm to lead such busy lifestyles, juggling successful work and home life so much so that our own health and wellbeing are easily neglected. Working closely with you taking a holistic approach I will help you unearth your personal goals, tailoring an achievable plan that fits your life and help you achieve your best you without compromise.


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